Susi, AKA the original boss lady circa February 2010 and also the one most likely to rip out an inappropriate comment at any moment.

Susi’s generally seen schmoozing her way around the salon pretending to work and occasionally CAN actually be seen doing something vaguely hair related.

Her focus is more on the behind the scenes running of Ministry – researching new ideas, social media and generally making sure the salon continues to move forward and evolve.

(Well, that’s what she tells us anyway)

Three Random Facts about Susi

She hates liquorice and watermelon

Peeling potatoes makes her tongue go furry

She can cut a mean mullet when her back’s to the wall




Boss lady number 2 who became a Ministry Partner in Nov 2016 after working as a stylist since before Susi bought the salon – yep, she really has been around that long!

Kimberly likes a sneaky can of coke and leaves little bits of screwed up scrap paper all over the place (will deny this)

She loves styling work – especially the more ‘classic vibe’ – give her an up do and it sends her straight to her happy place, as does hanging out with her Pug fur babies Louie and Hugo.

Husband Dan just can’t complete with these ‘lads’!

Three Random Facts about Kimberly

She hates peas

Her handwriting is so bad even she can’t read it

Sarcasm is her first language




Amie literally strutted into Ministry HQ a few years back hoping to join a team in the local area and has been with us ever since.

SHE thinks she got the gig for her skill set but we just keep her around because she’s the tallest one on the squad and we got rid of our ladder!

This (sometimes) loveable weirdo lives, eats and breathes hair. Creative colour is her passion, blondes her thing and she LOVES a challenge! She also makes the BEST rocky road ever and her raw bounty bars are to die for!

Three Random Facts about Amie

Hopelessly addicted to the Bold + The Beautiful

She won’t eat pumpkin but loves pumpkin soup

If her bank account could talk it would tell her to break up with After Pay




This nutter joined the Ministry squad in 2017 and we’ve enjoyed having her, AND her HUGE smile as a part of our family ever since.

Her claim to fame is the ability to talk under water with a mouthful of marbles; choosing a career as a hairstylist and being paid to talk was her perfect fit, but seriously – she never shuts up!

Renee especially enjoys making people feel good about themselves, getting to know them and having a chat. Contemporary styling, glam waves and curls is her jam.

Three Random Facts Renee

Has the memory of a goldfish

Gets ‘hangry’ every couple of hours

Managed NOT to kill her first plant ever in 2019




The latest addition to the squad is our emerging stylist and Queen of back room gossip Miss Naomi.

A perfectionist and total over thinker, she’s convinced on a daily basis she has some life-threatening disease.

She is crazy about her Labradoodle Ziggy, obsessed with shoes and candles but hates chicken and chicken themselves totally terrify her.

Her customer service is second to none, her organisational skills legendary (just ask her, she’ll tell you) and she is shaping up to become an incredible stylist, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Three Quirky Things about Naomi

She sleeps with her eyes open

Has a meat pie fetish

Thinks ‘older’ Steve Carell is borderline hot